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Google Business Profile Websites Redirected to Google Maps!

Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile websites are now redirected to Google Maps, a change announced in January 2024. This means that if you had a website built and hosted on Google Business Profiles, clicking on its URL will now take users to your Business Profile on Google Maps.
Key Points:
Redirect Implementation:
As of March 5, 2024, Google started redirecting Business Profile website traffic to the corresponding Google Maps listing.
This redirection is a 302 redirect, a temporary move.
Timeline for Redirects:
The redirects will continue until June 10, 2024.
After this date, users attempting to visit your website will encounter a “Page not found” error.
Alternative Platforms:
Google recommends using alternative website-building platforms to create a new website for your business.
Examples include Woo Commerce, Shopify or WordPress depending on your business type.
Action Required:
Users are urged to create a new website using a different platform if they haven’t already.
Add the new website URL to your Google Business Profile.
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Importance of Timely Action:
It’s emphasized that those who haven’t transitioned yet should do so promptly to avoid disruptions.
Lack of action may result in users encountering dead ends when trying to access your old website URLs.
Discontinuation of Redirects:
After June 10, 2024, the redirects will cease to function, leading to a complete inaccessibility of the old Business Profile websites.
Practical Example:
Let’s say you had a business website on Google Business Profiles with the URL “” Now, clicking on this URL will direct users to your Business Profile on Google Maps, showcasing your location, contact information, and reviews. This redirection is temporary and will last until June 10, 2024, after which visitors will receive a “Page not found” error.
Why This Matters:
This change emphasizes the need for businesses to adapt to the shift in Google’s policies regarding Business Profile websites. Acting promptly by creating a new website on a recommended platform ensures a seamless online presence and prevents potential customer inconvenience.
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